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Naya ESP

With real-time, device-level monitoring of electricity usage, the Naya Energy Sensing Platform (Naya ESP) enables customers to receive actionable insights based on their telemetry data. Once monitoring sensors are in place at your location(s), we can advise you how shifting the run-time for your electrical equipment would save you money and when equipment is likely to break, before it breaks down. In addition, Naya ESP can provide Measurement and Verification for future energy savings investments.

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Bill Analysis

Confused as to how your business is charged for electricity? Naya Energy is an expert in understanding how electricity is priced. We analyze how you are currently billed, compare that to your actual energy use, and provide recommendations for ways your organization can save money.


Once your equipment is being monitored, we’ll send you Nayalerts – alerts you identify to notify you when specific units are under-performing or need to be serviced. Your operations team can take corrective measures to avoid costly equipment damage or downtime.


Naya Energy’s analytic services monitor the health of your major electrical equipment, issue Nayalerts to notify you of imminent equipment failure, and lower costs and increase margins by reducing energy consumption.