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Mission Statement

A global expert in data-driven energy management technology, Naya Energy focuses on using state-of-the-art analytics to help clients understand their electricity bill, implement energy savings that are cost-effective, and improve efficiencies.

Similar to a doctor, Naya Energy analyzes the “Heartbeat of Electricity” to monitor the overall health of your company’s electrical equipment. By monitoring your devices, Naya Energy can send you alerts when equipment needs servicing and also predict when things are about to go wrong. As a result, your company can avoid losses from unscheduled downtime of critical equipment while saving 10-20% in your electricity cost.

With rate plans changing all the time, equipment wearing out, and the constant evolution of the smartgrid system, having an energy management solution that monitors, controls and allows you to save energy, is a critical part of your financial wellness. Through leveraging the “Internet of Things,” Naya Energy has created solutions to help customers measure actual energy usage, identify system anomalies, and enable clients to get the most out of their equipment.

Benefits of Naya ESP

Data-driven technology helps customers realize a 15-25% savings on their electricity bill
Naya ESP is the best solution for managing your equipment’s energy use, whether it is three-phase or single phase
Naya ESP provides transparency to where and when costs are incurred, and we provide you with a monthly report detailing suggestions on how to save on energy costs
Naya Energy was developed by a group of experts in telemetry data and how devices use energy
Naya provides the ability to control your equipment based on energy costs. For some types of equipment, Naya provides automated control based on your parameters
Equipment Wellness
By monitoring the health of your electrical devices, you can avoid major equipment downtime