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Naya Energy


A collaboration between your goals and your potential energy solution.

If you’re hit with confusion every time you read your electricity bill, you're not alone. Your electricity bill was not made confusing by mistake. For years, utility companies have painted a vague explanation as to how and when demand charges are implemented. When you do find out, it’s usually too late

Discovering Your Energy Potential

Bill Analysis

Your monthly electric bill shows your rate plan, energy consumption and demand charges. However, if you don't know what you're looking for, you can't harness the power of your energy. 

The Naya Energy team will analyze your electric bill and identify opportunities that could be cutting costs, mitigating risks and increasing operational efficiency. 

analyze my electric bill

Property Energy Impact Report (PEIR)

Our bill analysis helps you understand your electric consumption, but the Property Energy Impact Report is where the energy magic happens.

It's a comprehensive analysis that dives into your sites energy usage and combines the information with other pieces of data to determine how your business can turn energy from a cost into an asset. 

assess my property

Calculating Your Opportunities

Our customers trust us to translate their energy data into a strategic asset aligned with their values and business objectives. This starts with a NEDI score. 

The Naya Energy Demand Index score ("NEDI score") begins with an analysis of your building's, facility's and operation's efficiency. Your NEDI score helps you understand how much you can reduce your demand charges by and save money on your electricity bill.

Analyze your
Electric Bill


Have an Naya Energy expert analyze your electricity bill and uncover details about what you're paying for, and where you could be paying less.


    Discover the Naya Energy Technology 

    Naya ESPTM  is an energy savings platform, built to give customers an  easy to access overview of their energy consumption.


    The Naya Energy team works with your existing equipment to implement IoT sensors to monitor energy usage. 


    Every Naya ESPTM dashboard is unique.
    The Naya team works with your rate plan, historical data and business goals to collaborate on a strategy that will help turn energy from a cost to an asset.


    Watch your business's energy consumption in real-time on your desktop, tablet or cell phone. 


    The Naya technology will alert your dashboard when a piece of equipment is under performing or at risk of breaking. Take action by assigning an action to the alert and sending it to your team. 

    Partnered Solutions

    Naya Energy collaborates with energy efficient partners to provide  solutions that are trusted, proven and aligned with business goals.

    • alltemp® HVAC Refrigerant

      The most energy-efficient refrigerant on the market.

    • Batteries

      Store your energy with solar storage batteries or demand reduction batteries.

    • LED Lighting

      Increase your lighting efficiency by 80% with our turnkey lighting strategies.

    • Natural Gas Turbines 

      Turn your fuel in to useful power

    • Solar Panel Production Verification

      Analyze and determine the perfect solar solution for your cold storage facility or commercial property.